Dr Smood is an organic boutique cafe offering a carefully crafted menu of performance food for mind, body and soul.  We work closely with our partners to produce the highest quality products from sustainable sources, pure water and nutrient rich soil.  It’s the little things that matter the most. We won’t compromise.  Why should you?

Never artificial. Never processed. Always Organic.


Apart from being USDA certified organic, we are certified kosher and Non GMO.

Dr Smood’s authenticity, trustworthiness and competences will deliver the highest quality in service and performance.

Smart food for a good mood
Thankfully, Mother Nature has filled the world with all manner of natural wonders that offer our bodies all the goodness it could possibly need.

Some people label these natural wonders “Superfoods”. But to us at Dr Smood, they’re much more than that – they’re ingredients.

We use these ingredients to bring our menu to a higher level than just being tasty, organic & healthy. It really benefits your performance, body and mind and supports a change in lifestyle.

In our stores, our nutritionists and experienced SMOOD operators will help and guide you through our ingredients, products and moods. Enjoy!

Our approach
At Dr Smood we’re interested in the science behind food, what’s going on at a molecular level – the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, enzymes and fats that our bodies can use to make itself work, feel and look even better. It’s why we scour the world searching for the ingredients that pack the biggest nutrional punch. From cacao nibs, deer antler drops to ginseng, if it’s great for your health we’re coming up with new ways to make delicious food and beverages from it.